"Google" Integration - project base approach

Which integration is done with Google?

Currently we're delivering the Calendar integration and the Authentication integration on project basis. Don't hesitate to contact your account manager if you want this new feature.

Google Authentication

The Google authentication allow you to authenticate on Connect Me via your Google account. This is working only if your connect me login is your Google email address.

How this is working?

When you want to login into Connect Me just click on the "Google logo" and follow the procedure.


Can I use Google Authentication in combination with the standard authentication mechanism of Connect Me

By the default, only Google Authentication will be available but you can ask your Project Manager to activate both via the activation of a supplementary task.

Google Calendar integration

What's the Google Calendar integration?

With the Google Calendar integration, the events defined in the Google Calendar of a user automatically update the intentional Status of this user on PureCloud. Every time the user adds an event to his calendar, his intentional status will automatically changed to Busy if the event is marked as Busy for the duration of the event. In case you want to change to another status, you will need to add the status in the title or description event following a specific naming convention
  • Telework : @Telework
  • Holiday : @Holiday
  • Busy : @Busy (default if nothing mentioned in the title)
  • Out of the Office : @OutOfOffice
  • Office : @Office

The integration is done at user level, so everyone will need to register to the service.

When the status will change automatically ?

The status of the person will change automatically in average 5min after the meeting has started

How to configure the google calendar integration ?

Navigate to: https://google-calendar.connectme.io and follow the 3 steps


  • Step 1 : Click on "Authenticate on Connect Me" and enter your credentials (Google authentication)
    • Click on the Google icon or fill in your Connect Me credentials
    • If you are already logged in any Connect Me, this step will be skipped.


  • Step 2 : Click on "Authenticate on Google" and fill in your Connect Me credentials
    • CaptureGoogle_Step2.PNG
    • Introduce your google credential
    • Allow the authentication
    • GoogleCalendarGoogleAllow.png
    • Your account is configured and you can see your UID in the advanced settings
      • UID: Your unique identifier is known (e.g. c7c3b548-e4fe-4205-b263-d6374fa9feas)
  • Step 3 :
    • See "How to start/stop the synchronisation

How to Start/Stop the synchronisation

You can start/Stop the synchronisation via the interface
  • Click on "Status"


See if the Manager (Permanent process that will manage your Unified Endpoint status according to calendar events. You can start or stop it as needed) is set to OK

  • Click on "Status"


See if the Manager (Permanent process that will manage your Unified Endpoint status according to calendar events. You can start or stop it as needed) is set to NOK


What are the requirements ?

In order to use the solution, you need to use the following connect me link and not anymore your private one (https://purecloudxxxx.connect.fuzer.net)

you need to use the following version
  • Connect Me desktop : 3.3.4
  • PureCloud : 3.27.10 (UEP : 2.30.19)

As IT manager, can you configure the authentication for your colleague.

For security reason, the system doesn't allow to configure the calendar integration as the system is using the google credential of the end user.

Can you deprovision your authentication via the interface

Currently it's not possible to deprovision the account but you can start or stop the synchronization.

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