"Microsoft Teams" Integration

What is Microsoft Teams

The goals of Microsoft Teams are:
  • to allow your company to communicate more effectively:
    • get your team on the same page with group chat, online meetings, calling, and web conferencing;
  • to work better together:
    • collaborate on files with built-in Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint;
  • to customize your workspace:
    • add to your favorite Microsoft apps third-party services to keep the business moving forward.

Integration of MS Teams with "Connect Me for Windows"

The Connect Me desktop app for Windows can host the MS Teams web client, in order to propose a single Windows application for all the communications of the user.

The benefit of this integration is to provide:
  • An even better Connect Me telephony integration (eg telephony numbers are directly diable).
  • The possibility to deploy a single app for Teams and for Connect Me.
  • A single window for the user for both applications.


How to integrate MS Teams with "Connect Me for Windows" ?

  • You download Connect Me for Windows via the Connect Me Store - minimal version 2.0
  • You connect the application to your Pure Coud set-up
  • Select the Microsoft Teams integration
    • Click on settings


  • Go to "Third party integrations", select "Microsot Teams" and save your settings"


  • When you will log to connectme, Microsoft Teams application will be displayed on the left side


  • Introduce your credential and start to use the integration

Plugin "Connect Me for Microsoft Teams"

Connect Me for MS Teams is a simple yet powerful application which let you easily contact your colleagues within a Teams chat session on their phone (fix or mobile) numbers using an external soft-phone.


Connect Me for MS Teams supports the following features:
  • Call a person linked with the chat session
    • When you are in a chat session, click on the Connect Me application button to list the phone numbers of the contacts involved in the chat session.
    • When clicking on a number, Connect Me for Teams will dial the number using your default soft-phone.

  • Automatic query of the phone numbers of all contacts within a MS Teams chat session.

  • Possibility to search contacts who are not involved in the chat session by using the search feature of the plugin "Search other contacts".

Connect Me for MS Teams is available in the Microsoft Market-place (Teams application). Before using Connect Me for MS Teams, an administrator of your tenant must grant admin consent to this app.

Connect Me for MS Teams works with the soft-phone embedded in Connect Me for Windows, or with any other soft-phone that handles the "tel:" protocol.

The soft-phone embedded in Connect Me for Windows enables to use all Fusion telephony features:
  • Multiple device types are supported
  • Advanced telephony features (complex routing, IVR, Call center, real time statistics, recording, …)
  • Integration with doorphone, CRM, ...
  • Support of FMU
  • WebRTC
  • ...

How to use the plugin "Connect Me for MS Teams" ?

To call a person from a Teams conversation:
  • Possible in 2 clicks:
    • Click on the button "Connect Me for MS Teams”
    • (Extra click if you need to select the device (fix, softphone, callback))
    • Click on the number
  • Calling anybody else possible in 1 search and 1 click:
    • Search
    • (extra click if you need to select the device)
    • click

Within a chat or a group chat, the user can click on the button "Connect Me for MS Teams":


When clicking on the button, all the context of the chat is retrieved and all available phones linked with the users of the conversation are clickable (Mobile and Fix phone):


Optionaly, in the search bar "Search other contacts", it is also possible to search for a contact linked with the conversation or not linked with the conversation:


Connect Me pops up to ask for the calling device and offers an option to memorize the calling device (as usual):



Which version of Connect Me for Windows do I need to use ?

The integration of Teams with Connect Me for Windows is available as from Connect Me for Windows 2.0

I try to download the application but it doesn't work

Before using this application an administrator of our tenant must grant admin consent.

To do it the administrator must go to the Azure portal, then go to Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise applications -> Connect Me -> Permissions and click on the Grant admin consent button.


You need to give permission to download the application but you don't find the APP in Azure ?

In order to see it, you have to follow this steps
  1. A user ask for the application via the store
  2. A user must ask for admin consent

You can see here the microsoft admin : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/manage-apps/configure-admin-consent-workflow

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