Call Center

The Call Center functionality is part of the Standard Fuzer’s software solution.

The following functionalities are embedded :

  • automatic service activation depending on calendar/predefined timetable
  • welcome message playing depending on a defined calendar
  • calls distribution based on configurable strategies
  • static/dynamic log in/log out for call center agents
  • configurable ring duration by agent
  • possibility to record conversations upon specific activation

The IP-central can call agents in a predefined order, or applying one of the following strategies :

  • Ringall : calling all agents simultaneously
  • Leastrecent : calling the agent that was called the least recently
  • Fewestcalls : calling the agent that has received the less calls
  • Random : random calls distribution

Agents can join the call center via different means :

  • by calling a specific number
  • by changing their presence intentional status (e.g : “at work”;”holiday”; …)
  • as a permanent member