Federate Your Fixed, Mobile and Web-Based Communications

A frictionless turnkey service, Fuzer Enterprise Connect merges your company's onsite PBX features and policies with your mobile phones, providing them with a web-based Rich communication application.

Your mobile phones are integrated within your onsite PBX and behave as desk phones. There's no need to install or support software on the phone or PC. With Enterprise Connect you experience comfortable, borderless communications whose costs are totally under your control.

This unique web application connects your desk phones and Fuzer SIM cards to a web application. Based on WebRTC, the new standard for browser-based secure, real-time communication, such as audio, video, text and screen sharing, Fuzer Connect does not require the installation of any software on your PCs.

Bring Mobility to Your Existing PBX

Enterprise Connect lets you link each phone without additional software to a web application and communicate through your web browser on your PC/Laptop.

Your calls are still carried over the classic GSM network, so you don't have to rely on potentially unstable mobile data network connections.

So access to calls and data is simple, lean and scalable.


Enterprise Connect gives people the freedom to communicate regardless of their device, status or network.

Your employees can swap calls between their devices, and choose the best way to pick up a call.

Convenient Communications

The Cloud Phone delivers Rich Communication and Collaboration services on top of your existing infrastructure. It provides a fixed-mobile convergence service without requiring complex integration of communication and IT platforms.

Unlike the classical approaches that bring PBX and Unified Communication (UC) features to mobile phone users, Fuzer Connect does not require you to install additional hardware in the enterprise LAN, or software on your users' smartphones.

These solutions also rely on data networks for making calls, and complex handovers towards GSM networks when data coverage is lost.

Fuzer Enterprise Connect does not really run on VoIP, nor is there any hardware or software to be installed on the enterprise PBX or on the user's mobile phone. Based on open standards, Fuzer Enterprise Connect is future-proof.

Company-Centric Pricing

You avoid the hassles of having to optimize individual mobile packs for your employees. For example, you avoid surcharges that are associated with users who exceed their individual pack allotments, as well as payments for other employees' unused capacity. You also avoid roaming costs when abroad by accepting and initiating your communications from your Fuzer Connect web application.

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