Now You Can Experience Full-Service Mobility

Customer calls… Ongoing requests… Last-minute quotes… Your phone plays an important part in your daily communications. To be productive, you need to be able to work anywhere, regardless of network availability or roaming issues while you’re traveling..

Fuzer’s innovative communication solution gives you unprecedented levels of agility. It does away with such issues as network coverage and expensive roaming costs. It links your mobile number to the state-of-the-art Fuzer Connect web application, radically simplifying your mobile user experience.

Fuzer Connect is based on the Escaux-patented Cloud Phone technology and on the new webRTC standard that enables all kinds of secure real-time communication, such as audio, video and text between users through the use of an internet browser. You don’t even need to install a plug-in on your computer or an app on your mobile phone.

Value-Added Services on your Mobile

Fuzer Connect blends your mobile and PC experience, combining rich telephony and communications options via an easy-to-use interface.

You can choose to make or receive your calls on your cell phone, or your PC or tablet using Fuzer Connect – depending on your project at hand, or your location and priorities. All with your mobile number!

When you’re on the road, you can swap calls across your mobile device and PC to avoid excessive roaming charges.  Or you can shift over to WIFI when your battery is depleted or network coverage is limited. Your mobile caller ID follows you from device to device for easier access and streamlined communication experience.

Not only can you handle calls through your mobile number on your PC or tablet, but you can also run chat, videos, screen-sharing services. Increase your comfort with convenient features, such as the ability to use both hands when you present your screens or set up a conference video.

The result? A unique user experience to get your job done more quickly and efficiently.

More Functions, Less Cost

Not only does Fuzer help you slash roaming costs, but we have also developed an innovative pricing plan that is tailored to the business market.

Forget about complex individual service packs, where you pay for services that are not used by certain employees, as well as high out-of-pack charges for high-usage users. Fuzer combines voice and data usage by all your employees in a single company container. Pool and share provisions for your employees can significantly reduce your costs. Unused minutes from one employee can offset another’s excess usage.

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