Internet Access

Fuzer l Colt IP Access provides you with uninterrupted, high-quality internet access. Examples from the past have shown that this product is very popular among organizations with one or two departments, as well as companies with multiple sites all over Europe.

Thanks to Colt IP Access, you get the most value out of your internet connection: for example, your employees can exchange internal information, you can communicate in real-time with your clients, or you start a new and secure e-commerce project.

Colt is one of the few telecommunication companies that operates its own network. We deliver local connections to European coverage – from a single provider. The company's high-speed Pan-European IP network also delivers the highest level of resilience. This multi-award, proprietary Fiber network and DSL infrastructure is upgraded on an ongoing basis.

Access Pack

The Colt Access Pack lets you converge telephony and internet and reduces their complexity! You can combine Internet access with Voice/VoIP services at an attractive price and via a single pack: one connection, one order, one invoice.

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